Judicial Appointments
    - Serve as attorneys ad litem in complex cases or regarding niche issues
    - Serve as guardians ad litem
    - Represent children in long-term foster care (PMC)
    - Adoptions as amicus attorneys or attorneys for adoptive parents
Social Worker Support for Children
    - Evaluate placements and safety risks
    - Help access community resources
    - Identify appropriate Medicaid providers
    - Navigate intake and application processes
    - Participate in school advocacy
Social Worker Support for Parents
    - Conduct home studies
    - Identify appropriate providers and evaluators for the Family Services Plan
    - Assist parents in connecting with community resources
    - Help navigate bureaucratic processes
Family Defense
    - Work with parents before a child is removed to preserve families or find safe alternatives to CPS involvement
    - Services provided on a sliding-scale fee
Privately Retained Cases
    - Represent parents who can afford private counsel on a sliding-scale fee

Expert Consulting

On a case-by-case basis, we are available to serve as experts on law, policy, or case-related issues. This may include conducting an independent home study or testifying regarding the appropriateness of services. A court may approve expert expenses.

Child Welfare Policy Consulting

We are available to consult child welfare policy organizations on legal or policy initiatives, including research and report writing.